picture thank you to jay-dantinne-359707_Photo by Jay Dantinne on Unsplash

Digital Detox means retreating from digital media. No facebook, no youtube, less Internet, less information, less inspiration, less comparing, less from everything. Maybe even less book reading and less talking…more meditating, WRITING, getting clearer what it is that I have to offer to the world. Understanding my own processes, my source of credibility and my love to share.

Back to my own roots. LISTEN. FEEL. Integrating. Getting clear on what my roots, my source are/is so I have the strength to grow into my own best version, up in the sky, like a fabulous majestic tree. Follow the sounds of silence.

Everyone of us has something to offer. The question is do you have the courage, the ambition and the discipline to find out and always re-invent yourself again or do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone and play roles that you are good at?

Sun always comes with the shadow.


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