The infinity of Life

What is an end?
What is a beginning?
And what is in between?

Life is too short to bother all the time.
But life is too short to live unconsciously too.

All living is connected.
Define your values.
Find what makes you happy.
Know who you are.

See this magnificent light that shines through you and through each and everyone.
See that potential within you that waits to be lived.
Your Being in this world is unique.
You don’t have to be better than anyone else, just be you, be the best version of yourself.

Do whatever needs to be done but do it intentionally.
Do whatever brings the joy back to you! But joy is the landmark!

You are infinite, your soul is thriving to learn and to grow.
Listen to your inner voice and if you lost it, get still. Just be still.

Follow your dreams and longings for they show you the way of your soul’s curriculum.
Be brave and fearless, it won’t be easy but worth it.

Life is infinite. There is no beginning and no end, there is just this inbetween – your life-  and what you make out of it.

Consciously and awake following through experiences. Learning and growing.
Share what you have , do the best you can now and then let go. Let go of the outcome, what comes your way or what won’t. Relax and allow for the magic to happen.

Be mindful that everything you say or do can make a difference in someones life and to the world.

You have the power to decide who you support with your money and purchasing and who don’t.
You decide consciously or unaware where the products are being produced, who will suffer for it or who will be fair traded. You are that powerful.

Be mindful, not with a full mind.

Stay curious and friendly.


Tanja Sirbu, January 2016