Dies ist ein Blog über Conscious Living, bewusste Lebensführung, Spiritualität, Gesundheit, Feingeistiges und mehr! Ein Blog über den bewussten Alltag mit Kind und Hund, nach Sinn strebend und achtsam mit sich und der Welt. Viel Spaß!

Manche Artikel werden auf deutsch erscheinen, manche auf englisch. Warum? Weil es Teil meiner Identität ist, ich würde mich als „denglish“ bezeichnen. I just luv it!

This Blog is about conscious living, conscious parenting, spirituality and children living with dogs. Slice-of-life and things I live and try to integrate into my daily life right now. Things that inspire me and help me get back on track to live the freeest version of myself, because that’s what I came here to do!

Get inspired, read, share.

Life is about playing different roles,

being a mum,

being a daughter,

being a pack leader,

being a yoga teacher,

being a bodyworker,

being a student,

being a conflict coach,

being a marketer,

being a truth seeker,

being a friend,


being interested in literature and writing,

being interested in sports,

being interested in animals and documentary

being interested in hard facts

being interested in music

being interested in all the beauties life has to offer.

Life is about digging deep to revitalize all the talents and desires you brought with you. Digging deep because conditioning and experiences buried them.

Life is about bringing everything together, all dualities:

Being in the HERE and NOW –

INHALE            What time is it?

EXHALE            NOW

INHALE            Where am I?

EXHALE            HERE

And also following your soul’s currciulum.

Being part of society but never stop asking questions about the system you live in.

Think big but be confident enough to live your daily life, daily duties and challenges and still keep in mind where your path is guiding you.

It is about becoming aware and stay open-minded, even if all the news and neighbours tell you otherwise. Staying open instead of closing up.